Spotlight Sessions



Only Spotlight Session registrants will be provided with a ticket to be redeemed for lunch/dinner during the session. Tickets are of limited quantity and will be given on a first-come, first-served basis. Please pre-register for Spotlight Sessions.

Wednesday, December 6th | 6:30 – 8:30 PM

The Gloves Come Off! A Live Interactive Knee Debate:

Supported by Smith & Nephew

Energy on Cartilage: from “Malpractice” to “My Practice”

Moderator: Anil Ranawat, MD
Faculty: TBD

The Anterolateral Complex: ALL Hype or the Be-ALL End-ALL?

Moderator: Charles Brown, Jr., MD, Al Getgood, MD, FRCS
Faculty: TBD

Room: TBD | Lecture

The Subchondroplasty® Procedure

Supported by Zimmer Biomet
Room: TBD | Lecture
Faculty: Robert B. Anderson, MD, Shariff K. Bishai, DO, MS

The Subchondroplasty® Procedure evening symposium will provide scientific and clinical details about the Subchondroplasty®(SCP®) Procedure, an exciting minimally-invasive, fluoroscopically-assisted procedure that targets and fills subchondral bone defects, often called Bone Marrow Lesions (BML’s), with AccuFill® BSM, a hard setting biomimetic bone substitute.

Thursday, December 7th | 12:13 - 1:13 PM

Innovation in MSK Ultrasound/The Science of Biologics Supplementation in Orthopaedic Surgery

Supported by Arthrex, Inc.
Room: TBD | Lecture
Faculty: Shariff K. Bishai, DO, MS, Lisa Fortier, DVM, PhD, Alan M. Hirahara, MD

Arthrex invites you to interact with world-renown faculty discussing the benefits of MSK Ultrasound. Additionally, our experts will review the science of biologics supplementation in orthopedic surgery. Learn the most innovative, safe and reproducible treatment options to help you treat your patients better.

ACL Reconstruction With Without A Twist: How Non-Rotational Fixation Prevents Graft Damage

Supported by ConMed
Room: Van Gogh 1 | Cadaver Demonstration with Lecture
Faculty: Don Buford, MD, Kevin D. Plancher, MD, MPH, John Uribe, MD

ConMed will showcase a new, non-rotational aperture fixation ACL reconstruction solution.

Managing Proximal Humeral Fractures: When to Plate, Nail or Replace?

Supported by DePuy Synthes
Room: TBD | Cadaver Demonstration with Lecture
Faculty: Carl J. Basamania, MD, Nicholas F. Quercetti III, DO

Surgical Demonstration of MACI (Autologous Cultured Chondrocytes on Porcine Collagen Membrane)

Supported by Vericel Corporation
Room: TBD | Cadaver Demonstration with Lecture
Faculty: Wayne Gersoff, MD, Christian Lattermann, MD

Surgical Demonstration of the MACI Implant and Case Study presented by Dr. Wayne Gersoff and moderated by Dr. Christian Latterman.

Orthopedic Point of Care Dispensing, Done Right

Supported by WRS Pharmacy Solutions
Room: Cezanne 2 | Lecture
Faculty: Michael J. Kaplan, MD

Anchored in compliance and sustainability, come learn how a work comp focused, opioid-free pharmacy, can be beneficial to patients, practices, and payors alike.

The Persona® Partial Knee – Why Should Partial Knees be a Part of Your Practice?

Supported by Zimmer Biomet
Room: Degas 2 | Lecture
Faculty: Adolph V. Lombardi, Jr., MD, Andrew Freiberg, MD

Patches, Injections, Scaffolds??? Come See Why BioWick Could Change the Way You Approach Rotator Cuff Repair

Supported by Zimmer Biomet
Room: Van Gogh 2 | Lecture
Faculty: Patrick St. Pierre, MD, Joseph A. Abboud, MD

BioWick™ X: Next generation interpositional scaffold wick technology to address the tendon-bone interface in rotator cuff repairs.

Friday, December 8th | 12:12 – 1:12 PM

Managing Complex Upper Extremity Pathology

Supported by Arthrex
Room: TBD | Lecture
Faculty: Brian Cole, MD, MBA, Alan Hirahara, MD, George A. Paletta, Jr., MD, MBA, Bradford O. Parsons, MD

Arthrex invites you to interact with world-renown surgeons discussing the benefits of understanding the management of common, complex orthopedic injuries. Learn the most innovative, safe and reproducible treatment options to help you treat your patients better.

Innovations in Osteoarthritis Management and Joint Preservation: Shoulder, Knee and Ankle

Supported by Arthrosurface
Room: Cezanne 2 | Model Demonstration with Lecture
Faculty: Anthony Miniaci, MD, Andreas Imhoff, MD, PhD, Prof., C. Niek van Dijk, MD, PhD, Prof.

Clinical experience, surgical technique & patient outcome data review of technologies for osteoarthritis; OVO Stemless Shoulder w/ inlay glenoid, Kahuna PF and the Talus implant systems.

Precision Anatomic Total Shoulder Replacement: New Technology Review

Supported by Catalyst OrthoScience Inc.
Room: TBD | Model Cadaver Demonstration with Lecture
Faculty: Theodore A. Blaine, MD, Steven S. Goldberg, MD

Our session faculty will provide clinical insights, surgical technique & patient data review of the latest innovation in the treatment of shoulder osteoarthritis: The Catalyst OrthoScience CSR Shoulder System. Catalyst OrthoScience invites you to learn about the next generation in higher precision, bone-preserving total shoulder arthroplasty.

New System Innovations for the Approach, Reconstruction and Repair of ACL and Meniscal Tears

Supported by DePuy Synthes
Room: Renoir 1 | Cadaver Demonstration with Lecture
Faculty: Brian D. Busconi, MD, Shariff K. Bishai, DO, MS

Cadaveric surgical demonstration, utilizing adjustable retrograde reamer for soft tissue ACL reconstruction; including, a demonstration of a new, all-inside meniscal repair device.

The Opioid Epidemic: Multi-Modal Approaches to Reduce Opioid Consumption Post-Operatively

Supported by Halyard Health
Room: Degas 2 | Lecture
Faculty: Brion Gardner, MD, Sonia A. Szlyk, MD

Currently there is a crisis involving opioids. Halyard Health invites you to join a discussion with Dr. Brion Gardner, Orthopedic Surgeon at Prince William Orthopaedics, and Dr. Sonia Szlyk, Director of Regional Anesthesia at North American Partners in Anesthesia Mid-Atlantic Division, about new ways to reduce opioid consumption after surgery.

Hands on Experience with the mi-eye 2

Supported by Trice Medical
Room: Van Gogh 1 | Hands-On Workshop
Faculty: Bryan Jennings, DO, Sean McMillan, DO, Shariff K. Bishai, DO, MS

Join Trice Medical for a hands-on bio skills workshop with mi-eye 2, an in office diagnostic arthroscopy with the ability to provide you and your patients with immediate answers.

Resolving Severe Glenoid Deformities Due to Rotator Cuff Deficiency Using Augmented Solutions

Supported by Zimmer Biomet
Room: Van Gogh 2 | Lecture
Faculty: John W. Sperling, MD, MBA, Quin Throckmorton, MD, Lawrence V. Gulotta, MD

This session will review severe glenoid deficiencies that are the result of rotator cuff deficiencies and cannot be resolved effectively with traditional shoulder arthroplasty implants. The session faculty will offer some interesting insights in to the use of the Zimmer Biomet Vault Reconstruction System (VRS) and other upcoming technologies.